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City Council Meeting Thursday 5/11

Come out to city hall tomorrow for an important Greenville City Council meeting. This is a great opportunity to show the council what wide support our project has. Everyone you know that has a stake in skateboarding, BMX, inline, scooters, etc should come out.

Where: City Hall, 200 W 5th St Third Floor

When: 5/11/2017 5:45pm

Why: To show how important our cause is


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Preliminary Skatepark Meeting 4/6


We need the entire skate community at this meeting. Interest shown at this meeting will drive the project forward rather than it getting held up. We need a modern concrete skatepark and this is the time to cease a golden opportunity. >> Join the event on Facebook

Preliminary Skatepark Meeting
Event for G.A.P.S. Greenville Advocates for Public Skateparks
Thursday, April 6th at 6:00pm
at The Parks & Rec Auditorium at Jaycee Park
2000 Cedar Lane Greenville, NC 27858

Join the Facebook Group G.A.P.S. Greenville Advocates for Public Skateparks